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01/20/2009 - rating: 10 - by: Andr
Not impressed. One at their chat support was more or less.. well, not really interested. Long delay, yes and no -answers and cut the connection without even a good bye. The longest he said was about the new offer where I could read myself on the front page. By the way, their 30 day money back guarantee isn't valid, if you go for the latest offer. If signing up, then you are obliged to pay for the entire time 70.50(Note, there was another guy at the support I also talked to as well, Rob, that was very helpful though and above isn't about him.) I decided to sign up even though there wasn't any 30 day money back guarantee. Then when signing up, my credit card was declined. I got the instruction automatically to try again. So I did. Maybe I missed a number or something. Oh well, didn't work out. A few empty mail arrived to me where it said "If replying, write above this line". Well, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY TO THEM NOW?? So I suggested PayPal so I could pay them. Short answer back - PayPal can't be used. GREAT! Since they are not very talkative Í suppose we weren't to do business, so I just asked them to cancel my request to be their customer. André
04/12/2005 - rating: 1 - by: Robbo
They need to sort things out fairly rapidly if they want to keep business. The host has been setup for users with little knowledge. This makes it difficult to customise it to your needs. This would've been OK had it not been for the support department. They're all but useless at sorting out problems. Everytime there was a problem with our site they would wait long enough for it sort itself out, then report back with all is OK now. Nobody seemed to know what was really going on. Don't use this service if you plan to implement a PHPBB forum either. Their server was so badly configured that they ended up suspending my account because of it. Also, don't believe the 30 Day Money Back on this site. You just try and get your cash out of them. It's all but impossible once they've made the sale. Approach StarLogic with extreme caution. It could've been such a good relationship as well.
01/29/2005 - rating: 5 - by: DK
They need to fix their stuff. Although low priced, it seems you get what you pay for. The help files are lacking key information, and the admin interface is geared toward non-technical people. Trying to do even the simplest things causes major headaches, due to the "HELP" that the GUI tries to give you. If I had known all of this prior to signing up, I would not have signed up. They need a CLEAN interface that allows you to go in and do exactly what you need to do, without the BS.
02/15/2005 - rating: 10 - by: CP
Simply the BEST of all the hosting providers I have ever used. I develop sites for clients and from this point on, I am putting all my future new clients on Startlogic-Prologic and am going to re-locate current clients to Startlogic when their current hosting expires. Try them once and you'll NEVER want to use anyone else again.
01/20/2009 - rating: 6 - by: Colleen
They charged me the full yearly amount in one lump sum after getting the credit card information. I would prefer a month-by-month payment instead or at the least a warning for the budget-minded!
01/20/2009 - rating: 2 - by: Maureena
I was very disappointed by the lack of support in trying to transfer my domain name to Startlogic. On their website in their faq they indicate that the procedure is that Startlogic would send an email to me confirming request for transfer of domain name and then they would contact my old registrar etc. etc. They took my money quickly, but a week later they still didn`t start the process of changing my registrar. Not only that, they didn`t even bother to tell me at what point thing were or weren`t progressing. I was left in the dark and every time I tried to contact them, they made a new "support ticket" all the while the ones before not having been responded to. I went online onto their online chat support and in there I was told no, they don`t transfer the domain name, and that I must contact my old registrar myself and have the dns information changed. Fine, I tried to do that, however my old registrar is a reseller with reseller accounts only and I do not have access to change anything. I tried writing the old registar and they ignored my emails. So then I decided I would phone Startlogic`s help line, and this is where they told me that I had to contact my old web hosting company and have them give me their account information for my old registrar. As if my old registrar is going to give me their logon information for this?! Finally, in disgust, I said FORGET IT, and hung up. I decided I would sign up with GoDaddy and have them properly transfer my domain name just like I wanted Startlogic to do, which they said they would provide as part of their service. I signed up with Startlogic for a year, and let me tell you...what do you think is going to happen a year from now???
01/20/2009 - rating: 1 - by: TL
Very POOR! It could have been a nice hosting company, but they need to get their act together. Signed up for an and it took them 4 days to get the default password to work with the account. They double charged my credit card and took over a week to get that cleared up. Buyer Beware Per StartLogic Tech Support: no email addresses for additional domains. And to top it off try to cancel your account and you will hear so many stories of what you need to do inorder to cancel your account from Startlogic`s Tech support/Billing department. - Still fighting this one.
08/24/2010 - rating: 1 - by: debra williams
They will automatically withdraw the cost of the website, but the site itself will not display and customer service is HORRIBLE. They are rude, can't give any explanation as to why you are experiencing the problem even if you haven't touched the site in more than a month. They pretty much accuse you of the problems with the site even though it is their manuel work that has caused the situation. No refund or extension on the site for the time it was paid for but didn't display. Startlogic has many complaints and the BBB has been unsuccessful in getting any response and they are no longer a part of the BBB.

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