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PERL scripting has become a must know for web developers of all types. The specifics of PERL Scripting and the PERL scripting language are addressed in this PERL scripting tutorial. So if you need to know the basics of PERL scripting, continue reading our PERL scripting guide to learn just how valuable this programming language jewel can be.

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What is PERL Scripting?
Perl scripting is an open source programming language used to create server-side applications. Perl is the global market leader, installed on a vast majority of the UNIX and Windows-based web servers running web applications today. Perl is an object-based, interpreted language. As a result, it is easier to write, maintain, and to extend than other languages such as C or C++. Perl applications typically run stand alone, not requiring the use of a specially designed, and often costly, application server.

Do I need PERL Scripting?
Perl has become the premier scripting language of the Web, as most CGI programs are written in Perl. It is widely used as a prototyping language and makes it possible for different systems to work well together. Perl can be used for an infinite number of automated tasks from simple forms or guest books to more complex programming. It is primarily UNIX but you will find Perl on a wide range of computing platforms. Because Perl is an interpreted language, programs are highly portable across different systems. Perl scripting is useful for backing up the CGI programs that give access to features on your web site such as guest forms, questionnaires, shopping carts, etc.

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