Windows vs. Unix Hosting

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Unix or Windows web hosting? When choosing a web host you will be given the option of using a Unix or Windows web hosting platform. How does Unix compare to Windows hosting. Keep reading for a comparison of Windows vs. Unix hosting.

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What is Unix Hosting?
Unix Hosting is web hosting that uses Unix servers, which is a platform to store and serve your hosting files. Unix Hosting (Linux, Free BSD, and Solaris) is open source which means the technology is free and anyone, meaning web hosts, can use it and modify it.

Why Use Unix Hosting:

  • Unix hosting is open source so it is cheap for web hosts to offer Unix hosting.
  • Users can get Unix web hosting for the cheapest monthly prices.
  • Unix hosting is also more stable and more flexible (for hosts who know what they are doing) to manage and add tools.

Why Not Use Unix Hosting:

  • Unix hosting only supports MySQL databases. Which is fine in most cases, but while MySQL is fast it isn't the easiest database program to learn.

What is Windows Hosting?
Windows hosting is technology designed by Microsoft to go hand in hand with their other products and to be easier for amateur web developers to manage. (Note: Don't get confused with the use of the word, Windows. Just because you may use a Microsoft Windows operating system on your work or home computer, like Windows XP, does not mean you need to use a Windows hosting platform. The server platform of your host and your personal computing system are unrelated. You can use Unix or Windows hosting.)

Why Use Windows Hosting:

  • Windows Hosting supports more database programs as it works compatibly with other Windows programs, like ASP Active Server Pages and others.
  • Windows database programs are easier to learn as many processes are automated and scripts pre-written. While these factors don't directly affect you they will affect your website and how easily a complex website functions.

Why Not Use Windows Hosting:

  • Windows hosting is known to be less stable, and while it is easier to customize programs for it, the system requires more reboots- meaning more downtime for your website.
  • Unlike Unix, Windows hosting technology is not free, and costs users more in the end. (Windows hosting users can expect to pay a couple dollars more per month for budget web hosting on a Windows platform than Unix users.)

The Verdict- Windows or Unix Hosting?
We recommend to most users that they stick with the cheaper and more stable Unix web hosting. Most webmasters are pleased with the performance and speed of this system. If you are set on being a Windows junky and plan to use simpler database programs and have less control you'll be happy paying a bit more for Windows Hosting.

Where to get the Best Windows and Unix Hosting
Our favorite web host offering both Windows and Unix web hosting plans for discount prices is StartLogic. They have personnel who manage both systems with ease and have excellent service.

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