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PowWeb and Globat have both established themselves as solid, reliable web hosting providers. Likewise, both PowWeb and Globat have been trying to beat out the bigger hosts with competitively low prices and aggressive marketing. Instead of comparing these hosts with the bigger hosts, we decided to compare the two competitors to find out which really does have the makings of a top host.

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What You Get
In their basic web hosting plans, both PowWeb and Globat offer unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly bandwidth. While we generally tell our readers to beware of unlimited bandwidth offers and to read the fine print, both of these plans are great choices for most users, especially for those who won't push the edge on bandwidth requirements. Additionally, with both hosts you will get a ton of bells and whistles with your web hosting plan. Both offer unlimited email accounts, multiple MySQL databases, many eCommerce tools, blogging software and support, and money back guarantees. Globat allows you to host multiple domains on one account, and PowWeb is the leader in blog hosting.

What You Pay
What makes these web hosts competitive with the big hosts is the amazing web space allotment for the price. PowWeb charges only $3.88 per month for hosting and offers promotional discounts for other add on services. Globat charges only $4.44  per month for their top hosting package and offer reward incentives and free gifts upon signup.

Support Options
A few years back, we weren't overily impressed with the customer support of either Globat or PowWeb. Because these web hosts were spending so much of their dollars on aggressive advertising and competitive pricing, there was little left for support staff, which left many of their customers wanting more. However, over the last couple of years, PowWeb and Globat have both picked up the slack and improved their customer support departments. Both hosts offer live 24/7 support and both have greatly improved their support ticket response times. But always remember that you get what you pay for - and these hosts are an excellent bargain.

Comparison Summary
In comparing PowWeb and Globat, PowWeb edges out Globat mainly because of price and PowWeb's top notch blog hosting. They are both priced very competitively, and both offer all the features you could ever want in a web hosting plan. While we give PowWeb the nod between these two top hosts, you won't be disappointed with either one.

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