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Multiple domain web hosting allows you to host multiple sites on one web hosting account. This article has information on the uses and benefits of multiple domain web hosting, hints on choosing a multiple domain web host, and what to look for in a web host.

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Multiple Domain Web Hosting refers to a situation in which the user is enabled to develop multiple sites with a single account. This ability can be put to a variety of uses, depending on what your development needs are. To learn more about multiple domain web hosting, keep reading.

Uses of Multiple Domain Web Hosting

Suppose you are a webmaster, developing and running web sites for small business clients. Or suppose you are a small business owner who wants to have both a personal site and a business site. Or supposed that you are involved in affiliate marketing and want to create a range of sites in order to support and advertise for different clients. In any and all of these cases, it could definitely be to your benefit to use a multiple domain web hosting plan.

Benefits of Multiple Domain Web Hosting

It might seem enticing to get each hosting plan only when you need it and to keep trying out different hosts and seeking the best deal. This approach could be beneficial, but it could also be costly in terms of your time and energy.

By using a multiple domain web hosting plan rather than individual plans, you may first of all be able to save money as you may be offered a discount on your numerous sites. Your site administration may become easier and more streamlined by virtue of being able to use a single hosting control panel. And the support for your operations is localized with one provider, making your contacts when something goes wrong much easier. Finally, you'll save yourself the time of searching, choosing an appropriate plan, and keeping track of the paperwork.

Choosing Multiple Domain Web Hosting

Because you become so invested in a single company with multiple domain web hosting, it's particularly important to make a good choice in the first place. One way to do this is by reviewing your business plan and planning for growth, so that you don't end up with a host that can't meet your needs when you grow. If you're just starting out, therefore, you'll want to be sure that even if your initial plan is limited, there are opportunities to expand and that your transition to any new plan would be seamless.

Important elements of the plan to check include the following:

  • Storage space - This can be measured in Gigabytes or unlimited. The lowest I've seen is 120 GB. But many plans offer unlimited disk space.
  • Bandwidth, also referred to as "Traffic - This can be measured in Gigabytes or Terabytes (1000 GB). The lowest I've seen in this category is 1000 GB (1TB), but again, many plans offer unlimited bandwidth.
  • Number of Accounts You May Host - While many web hosts offer unlimited domains in your account, some have limits, with the least I've seen being 2, when they're offered.
  • Free Domain Name? - Many hosts sweeten the package with one or more free domain names, some in perpetuity, so you don't have to pay yearly renewals, Some sites do not offer any free domain names, so count the cost of the domain names you need into your figuring.
  • Subdomains? - If you were, say, to host a site at which people could have blogs, having subdomains might be crucial to your plan. Some hosts of multiple domains say up front the subdomains are enabled or unlimited and others don't mention them. Take the time to check.
  • Email Accounts - Many people who just have one website can't imagine what you'd do with 1200 POP3 email accounts, but to those involved in multiple domain web hosting, this might seem on the low side. There are hosts that offer unlimited email.
  • Pricing - The pricing may be really good, but check for a setup fee.
  • Money-Back Guarantee. Some sites don't offer them, but those that do may give you 30 to 90 days to determine if you're satisfied with the service.
  • Web Site Building - You may wish to check if there is a web site builder, as well as what languages are provided for. This is also related to whether your sites will be hosted on a Linux, UNIX, or Windows server. If you need a server-specific application or language, such as FrontPage or .ASP to build your sites as you wish, you need to check on this, even though many reviews and initial ads about these services do not make mention of the server.
  • Support - How and during what hours can you get assistance? Look for 24/7 phone support, if possible.

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