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A way of conducting business electronically, leveraging technology initiatives such as e-commerce, electronic data interchange (EDI), and electronic funds transfer (EFT). Electronic storefronts, self-service Web applications, and Web-based supply chain integration are a few examples of new e-business opportunities.

eCommerce is the conducting of commerce with goods and services over the Internet. It includes: consumers using the Internet to purchase goods and services online; as well as businesses selling and communicating with other businesses through the Internet.

EIA - Electronic Industries Association
Group that specifies electrical transmission standards. The EIA and TIA have developed numerous well-known communications standards, including EIA/TIA-232 and EIA/TIA-449.

Email - Electronic Mail
Messages sent from one internet user to another, usually private, unlike newsgroup posts. Most email can be traced back to the sender by examining the headers of the message, which shows the system at which the message originated and any systems it passed through between that system and the recipient's system. The administrators of the originating system can determine the identity of the user from those headers, if their system is configured properly and they keep normal system access logs.

Email Attachment
A file sent along with an e-mail message. If the attached file is encoded, transmitted, and decoded properly, the receiver of the e-mail can open the file and view the document in its original form. Unfortunately, attachments are sometimes rendered unusable because of differences in hardware or software configurations between a sender and a receiver or in network boundaries.

Email form
A scripted page (can be in almost any scripting language) that allows web visitors to fill out a contact form. This is becoming more popular because some spam bots can't gather the destination email address so it protects the form owner from receiving unwanted email (spam).

Email forwarding
An email account that is not checked through POP. It redirects mail to a predefined email address.

Prevents any non-authorized party from reading or changing data. The level of protection provided by encryption is determined by an encryption algorithm. In a brute-force attack, the strength is measured by the number of possible keys and the key size. For example, a Triple-Data Encryption Standard system (3 DES) uses 112-bit or 168-bit keys and, based on currently available processing power, is virtually immune to brute-force attacks. Business to Business VPNs (Extranets) share sensitive data with multiple organizations, so demand the highest level of security. This requires public key encryption and/or secure key exchange, both of which are designed to eliminate the risk of the key becoming known to an unauthorized party.

A web server administration tool for web hosting companies to manage web sites hosted and resellers. Similar to Plesk, Cpanel, etc.

The most popular communication system for Local Area Networks (LANs). Each machine on the network has an Ethernet card connected to the computer's bus, and to either 10base-T (twisted pair) or coaxial cable. The computer lab's network is Ethernet. Another, less popular networking standard is Token Ring. Ethernet supports "packet switching." Each Ethernet NIC has a unique address that is attached to the packets it sends and receives.

An email program that is similar to Outlook Express (Microsoft).

Expire Field
Sixth field in an SOA record. Measured in seconds. If the refresh and retry attempts fail after that many seconds the server will stop serving the zone. Typical value is 1 week. Not used by a primary server.

The extension of a company's intranet out onto the Internet, e.g. to allow selected customers, suppliers and mobile workers to access the company's private data and applications via the World Wide Web. Generally an extranet implies real-time access through a firewall of some kind.

100 Best Web Hosting Terms
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NIC - Network Interface Card
A part of the computer hardware responsible for connecting a particular machine to the local area network or to other computers.

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