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What is a web site template? Worried about your website templates being too generic? Where do you get website templates? This article has informations on what website templates are, how website templates work, and where to find website templates.

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Because of the competitive internet marketing world we live in, website templates have become a viable solution to building your own website or to replace ugly HTML only sites. There are many places to get cheap or even free website templates that utilize flash or are dreamweaver website templates. Viewers and customers know a credible looking site when they see one. Unfortunately, many webmasters just don't have the knack for good web design or the thousands of dollars to pay a professional to design them a professional looking site. Fortunately for left-brained webmasters, and those of us who would just like to save precious time, there are web site templates.

What is a Web Site Template?
A web site template is a web page without any content, like a greeting card template, or business form template. Like these templates, web site templates help you quickly get started on your project. For websites, designing an actual layout can take a while, and coding the layout in HTML can be a real head-ache. Using a pre-made web template takes care of these design issues, giving you more time to focus on the content of the website.

Web site template companies employ talented web designers to create great looking shells for web sites. They have numerous layouts, designs, colors, images, buttons, etc. to fit the varied preferences of webmasters and needs for all types of web sites. Web site templates come ready to go- you just choose your layout, colors, and pictures, download and add your content. Easy!

Worry about having a cookie cutter site?
Don't. Most downloadable templates are easy to alter so your site won't be identical to your competitors. If you are really concerned, many web site template providers, such as Template Monster, offer slightly higher pricing for unique designs. If you purchase a unique design they will no longer sell the design to anyone else.

Where to get web site templates
Professional web site templates are available for surprisingly low prices from a growing number of companies. Some of the ones we've tried and liked are listed below:

Template Monster: Our favorite, offers ready to download templates for low prices. We actually used a Template Monster web site template to design this site, Template Monster offers tons of designs, layouts, logos, and fonts for most types of web sites, targeting specifically business sites (as opposed to family/personal web sites.)

iPage: This is the absolute best for beginners. With an iPage template you can have your site up and running in minutes using the online site builder. They have 100's of layouts to choose from with cool looking stock images and tabs, and the cost includes free domain name and iPowerWeb hosting. If you are in a hurry to get started and need a little boost, iPage is great! One thing to consider, iPage's templates are to be used exclusively with the online site builder. They aren't compatible with web editing software such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage.

If you'd rather have a professional's help designing your site you can find web designers in your area at

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