100 Best Web Hosts Terms

404 Error page
An error page that can be customized through a simple modification to the .htaccess file as well as an upload of your custom page. Usually, large sites utilize a custom 404 page or sites where content and page names change on a regular basis.

100 Best Web Hosting Terms
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WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get
Describes a user interface under which "What You See Is What You Get", as opposed to one that uses more-or-less obscure commands which do not result in immediate visual feedback. True WYSIWYG in environments supporting multiple fonts or graphics is a rarely-attained ideal; there are variants of this term to express real-world manifestations including WYSIAWYG (What You See Is *Almost* What You Get) and WYSIMOLWYG (What You See Is More or Less What You Get). All these can be mildly derogatory, as they are often used to refer to dumbed-down {user-friendly} interfaces targeted at non-programmers

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