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BlueHost and HostMonster are very comparable web hosting companies. This article provides a BlueHost review, HostMonster review, and compares BlueHost vs. HostMonster. Keep reading for more information on BlueHost versus HostMonster.

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When it comes time to set up your ecommerce Web site, you will need a Web host. A Web host is someone who lets you set up your Web site on their server. A server is basically a big computer that holds the information on your company, and makes it possible for others to look at it. A Web host can provide a number services for a number of prices. Before you decide on a Web host, it is best to know what the company offers, and what works best for your business. A good place to look for information on Web hosts is

Two Web hosts you can consider are BlueHost and HostMonster. Here is a basic overview of the two companies. Both of them are considered to be fairly high quality, and offer shared hosting. Your ecommerce Web site would be on a server with other Web sites. Normally, this is not a problem unless you expect a very high volume of traffic, and unless you use a lot of bandwidth. For most small to medium size businesses, though, shared hosting is acceptable.


BlueHost is considered the top Web host. BlueHost has been around since 1996, servicing both business Web sites and personal Web sites. BlueHost has low cost and provides good technical support and service. Because BlueHost has been around for so long (1996 is relatively early in terms of Web hosting for public and commercial use), it is considered a seasoned company.

BlueHost packages start out at $3.95 per month. BlueHost offers a free domain name, a site promotion package, a free blog and support 24 hours a day. Additionally, BlueHost will offer you $25 in free Yahoo credits and $50 in free Google credits. There is no limit to host space - including the ability to host as many domains as you would like. You can get up to 2,500 email accounts, and you can get access to a number of stats. If you already have a domain set up somewhere else, BlueHost can help you move it.


HostMonster is considered the best cPanel Web host. cPanel is a special hosting platform that makes things a little bit easier. Simple admin functions and email-based interfaces make it easy to keep track of things. If you want to make use of cPanel for your ecommerce Web host, you would do well to consider HostMonster.

Like BlueHost, HostMonster has been around since 1996, providing seasoned advice and expertise. HostMonster can provide services for both personal and business Web sites. Right now, it is possible to get HostMonster hosting for $3.95 per month. This includes free domain name or transfer, instant set-up, site promotion, 1-click installer for more than 50 scripts, Yahoo ($25) and Google ($50) credits. HostMonster also comes with an uptime guarantee.

Your ecommerce business would probably be fine, no matter which of these two Web hosts you used. However, you should carefully consider your needs as a business. If you are looking for something more complex (with scripts), HostMonster might have an edge. However, with BlueHost, you will get what is considered the best Web hosting around.

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