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Pay per click campaigns have become a widely used method of driving traffic to a website, although many people steer away from pay per click (PPC) as a means of generating site traffic mainly for two reasons: 1) They don't understand it, or 2) they think they can't afford it. But in reality pay per click can be one of the least expensive and most effective ways to tell people about your web site. Let's take a look at some of the ways this method of advertising can help you.

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Hitting the bullseye
There are a number of obvious ways to advertise on the world wide web. Some of them you are already intimately familiar with. For example an advertiser can purchase pop-up or pop-under ads (the ones everboday hates so much), pay for a banner ad on a website (yawn), buy layer ads, purchase space in opt-in email newsletters and ezines, purchase textual ads- either contextual or stand alone, or use pay per click advertising. Of these many options for gathering traffic and qualified sales leads using pay per click advertising is the most cost effective method providing the widest results. Here's why:

It's flexible - you can change your ad at any time
Unlike posting an ad banner or paying for ad space on a website, pay per click ad text can be changed at any time. With pay per click advertising you write the ad copy and submit it to the PPC search engine through an ad manager. You can then log in and change your ad and ad text at any time through your online ad manager.

Track your results
It is difficult to track how many visitors will result from an advertising campaign. But with pay per click you set your own click price, so you know how many visitors each dollar buys up front. It is also easy to calculate conversion rates and return on investment with pay per click ad campaign manager statistics.

You reach a pre-qualified audience
With pay per click you reach only the people who are already searching for the keywords you have chosen. Unlike sending commercial emails, signing up for pop-up ads or similar methods, visitors using a search engine to find products will find your ad because they searched for a similar product. They will click on your ad if they are interested in the offer or ad text, so they've already 1. searched for your keyword, and 2. clicked on your offer, so by the time they reach your website you have a much better customer than a random click from a pop-up ad.

No long contracts or hefty up-front fees
You select your keywords and set the dollar amount you want to spend, and you cannot exceed that amount. There are no up-front fees, but you do have to deposit a certain amount that you establish - usually as small as $25. It doesn't take much to get started and you don't sign long-term contracts. It is easy to start and stop.

Pinpoint your audience directly
It is almost staggering to realize how many individuals you can reach advertising with popular search engines. Pay per click ads are placed at the top of or to the immediate right of regular search results in Google and Yahoo! the top search engines. These engines boast reaching over 80% of Internet users. Because you can target any keyword you would like with PPC, pay per click search advertising can reach almost any niche audience.

Spend wisely and get results
With all these unique factors, it's easy to see why investing in pay per click advertising is an effective and economical method of reaching your target audience. Spend wisely and get results with pay per click. It's easier than you might think to manage a PPC campaign. For a complete list of Pay per click engines visit

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