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Reseller web hosting, often called a reseller program, allows a website developer to make money as a web host or domain registrar. This reseller web hosting tutorial will help you learn what you need to know as well as provide you with reseller ratings.

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Reseller web hosting refers to purchasing web hosting services and reselling them as a web host oneself. By beginning a web hosting service as a reseller, one  can avoid some of the investment usually associated with setting up a web hosting business, including purchasing servers, arranging for back-up, providing a secure location, etc. For more information about how to select reseller web hosting, keep reading.

Choosing Reseller Web Hosting

  • Server - Reseller web hosting can be done with a variety of arrangements. It can be run from a virtual dedicated server (VDS or VPS) owned by the reseller web host or a colocated server that you own and store in the hosting company's space and with their support. Servers may be Windows, Linux, or UNIX servers, and the choice of server type will allow (in some cases) and limit (in others) the particular languages and applications that can be used in conjunction with the service. For example, there are some languages and apps that are made only for Windows, while others do not have a Windows version.
  • Control Panel - When you're spending your time in site administration, the control panel you work with becomes a crucial element of your work environment. Check this feature carefully before you sign up for a reseller web hosting plan.
  • Storage space - Of course, if it's your server, you have all the space on it at your disposal. If not, you'll have to make a judgment about how much space you need and be sure that there are possibilities for expansion as your business grows.
  • Some reseller hosting plans offer as little as 3 GB (gigabytes) of storage space, which might be just right for a start up but much too small for a business that is taking off quickly, so check carefully. Be aware that with small offerings, like the above, reseller web hosts usually give the figures in megabytes (MB), which may or may not be purposely misleading, but can certainly make that amount of space look larger than it really is.
  • Bandwidth, also referred to as "Traffic" or "Data Transfer" - Make sure the data transfer is commensurate with the number and type of sites you are or will be providing hosting for.
  • Number of Accounts You May Resell - Some accounts allow for unlimited reselling, and others put a number on the reseller domains. Know which you want and check the plan features.
  • - One or more free domain names are offered with some hosting programs.
  • Subdomains - Unlimited subdomains are offered with some hosting plans.
  • Email Accounts - Unlimited POP3 email accounts are offered with some hosting plans.
  • Pricing - Along with the monthly fees, see if there is a discount for paying in larger increments, a set-up charge, or any other "hidden" fees.
  • Web Site Building - Whether you're building websites for your clients or giving them the opportunity to build their own, or both, the website building software that may be available through the reseller web hosting plan may prove to be a crucial element in convincing your customers that your web hosting business is where they want to be. Review the variety of templates offered and try using it yourself so that you know what your clients will be dealing with.
  • Support and Uptime - Some hosting companies offer not only 24/7 telephone support, but also an uptime guarantee. When your clients are looking to you for answers, a 99.9% uptime guarantee is a valuable commodity to have in your corner.
  • Money-Back Guarantee - With a great deal to learn about the operation of your sites and a lot riding on uptime, support, and other elements of the service you're purchasing, a money back guarantee, testimonials, and other indications of quality will likely form an important part of your decision-making process.
  • Other - Check for elements like the number of dedicated IP addresses available to you, Also check for features like MySQL databases, private label name servers, spam filtering, backups, FTP, statistics, web site features such as blogs, forums, guestbook, and chatrooms available, and a billing setup for you to use with your customers.

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