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Over the past few years, iPowerWeb has established itself as one of the fastest growing hosting services on the internet. Though there are millions of web hosts, only an elite dozen or so have crossed the barrier of hosting more than 500,000 sites. Some of the webs hosting leaders include: BlueHost, HostMonster, Interland, GoDaddy, 1&1 and IX Web Hosting. Boosting itself into this new crowd of web hosting competition, we decided to see how iPowerWeb is measuring up against the competition. We compared iPowerWeb to the web hosting giant, Interland.

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What Put These Hosts at the Top
Interland- With its worldwide presence and sheer number of users, Interland is one of the big dogs of web hosting. Relatively low cost web hosting and a wide array of other internet services offered have contributed to the phenomenal growth of this host. Interland offers easy sign-up, numerous hosting plans to fit the needs of users, and our favorite, online live chat support. Testing their support services we were able to receive instant responses to our questions using the online live chat support- a wonderful resource for users and potential customers. It doesn't hurt to have the resources of standing behind them either, as Interland is a brand.

iPowerWeb- iPowerWeb has taken the approach of offering simple hosting packages, jam-packed with features, for one of the lowest prices in the industry ($4.95 per month). The sign-up is easy, support is stable and efficient, and hardware is top of the line for hosting the growing numbers of users. iPowerWeb has proven reliable as well as popular and prepares for upcoming growth with well-trained staff members. Because they offer limited  hosting plans they are able to concentrate man power on serving the needs of users in others ways, such as improved technical support. For example, iPowerWeb staffs a team just for assisting users in transferring domain names. This kind of targeted support is what makes iPowerWeb stand out from other low-cost web hosts.

Basic Plan Comparison
Disk Space- With their basic hosting plans, how do Interland and iPowerWeb stack up against each other? Interland offers a whopping 80 GB of disk space, where iPowerWeb offers 5 GB of disk space. While there is quite a big difference in disk space between the two companies, users need to determine what their disk space needs will be. 5 GB is more than most users will ever need.

Monthly Bandwidth- iPowerWeb offers a generous amount of monthly bandwidth, coming in at 250 GB on its basic hosting plan. On the flip side, Interland goes over the top with its 1 TB of monthly bandwidth offering. If you anticipate utilizing large amounts of bandwidth, selecting a web host that offers adequate bandwidth must be a consideration.

Customer Support- Interland and iPowerWeb have both worked very hard to build customer loyalty by offering some of the best customer support in the industry. We give both companies high marks on their professionalism, quick response times, and the variety of contact methods in dealing with their customer support departments. You believe that Interland and iPowerWeb offer above average support, which has helped propel these two web hosting giants to the top of the industry.

Pricing- In addition to the disk space and monthly bandwidth allotments in their basic hosting plans, the other major difference between Interland and iPowerWeb is in their pricing. While Interland offers an outstanding hosting plan, their plan starts at 19.95 a month. iPowerWeb distinguishes itself by offering a top quality plan at a cheap price, coming in at $4.95 a month.

Interland vs. iPowerWeb Comparison Summary
Interland and iPowerWeb are both solid, reliable web hosts offering good web hosting plans, and backing them up with good customer support and service. In our opinion, the choice between these two hosts hinges on two plan components: bandwidth and pricing. Even though Interland offers significantly more monthly bandwidth in its basic hosting plan compared to iPowerWeb, iPowerWeb offers an adequate amount of monthly data transfer for most users. Additonally, with iPowerWeb's $4.95 a month pricing plan, they are hard to beat!

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