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In this head to head comparison we compare hosting giant Netfirms' Plus Hosting plan with rising star StartLogic's ProLogic shared hosting plan. Both of these web hosting companies have established themselves as dominant players in the market and continue to garner praise from their customers. So we decided to compare the basic hosting plans from Netfirms and StartLogic and see which one was really better.

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What You Get
First thing first, let's battle out which host offers the best features. Netfirms' Plus hosting was built for small business websites so it comes with the necessary 10 GB of web space and 500 GB of monthly bandwidth, databases and ecommerce software. StartLogic offers similar features, but with more web space and bandwidth- 60 GB of web space and 600 GB of bandwidth transfer. Another distinguishing feature between the two hosting plans is the number of email accounts allowed under each plan. With StartLogic's ProLogic plan, there is not limit to the number of email accounts you can create. With Netfirms' Plus hosting plan, you are limited to 10 email accounts.

What it Costs
$3.50 per month will get you ProLogic hosting with StartLogic and they also offer seasonal specials and discounts. Netfirms costs $4.95 per month for their Plus Hosting plan, but also offers occasional promotional discounts that may help you save a little money on their hosting plan.

Netfirms uses 24/7 telephone and email support, as well as an online user database of frequently asked questions. They are such a big company that they have support personnel on hand at any hour of the day via email or telephone. StartLogic offers the best web based user support center, andusers are also offered telephone and email support, along with online chat support.

Once again the decision comes down to how much web space do you need and how much support do you want? In our opinion, StartLogic wins in this comparison since they offer more web space and features for their hosting package at a better price. Additionally, StartLogic can match the high level of service offered by Netfirms. However, Netfirms is still a great choice for many users and are only slightly more per month on their price.

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