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This review has information on the free web based email accounts offered by, including the features of their basic free email accounts as well as their paid email accounts. Keep reading for more on our review.

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  • Visit GoDaddy ] is one of the offerings available for free email accounts on the Internet. The basic offerings for the free email service at include three gigabytes of storage, virus and spam protection, tools such as an address book, a calendar, and tools, as well as free customer support. To learn more about the features that offers, keep reading. is offered by Media Corporation, a provider of webmail that users are able to access from any Internet-connected computer. They specialize in providing branded email that is customized to meet customers needs.

This customization is apparent in the over 250 email address domains that they offer in thirteen categories. They have several offerings in a category they call “Academic,” although note that these are .com and .org domains, not .edu, which is the standard for academic email addresses. They also offer customized email for major world cities in North American, Europe, and Asia; eighteen countries; and all fifty states.

The offerings don’t stop there. Also available are job-themed domains, such as,, and Fan domains include and, while belief-related domains include,, and

Also available are internet-related domains, such as and, as well as character descriptors, like,, and, and some miscellaneous domains, like,, and

Besides its free email service, also offers premium accounts, which are ad-free, offer unlimited storage, and features email forwarding for a charge of $3.99 if paid by the month or $29.99 paid by the year.

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