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Inbox webmail is part of the Xacti company, which has screensavers, anti-spyware, photo sharing, file storage, free web based email and more. This Inbox Mail review has information on the features included in a Inbox Mail free webmail account.

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Although the name Xacti and their products, including web-based email, screensavers, anti-spyware, photo sharing, file storage, and an Internet radio player may not be familiar to you, you may find that their Inbox free email has features that would interest you. To find out more, keep reading.

Inbox email offers you web-based email with 5 gigabytes of storage to help you save the time and energy of constantly sorting through and thinning your mail. It also allows you to send large attachments, up to 20 MB. You webmail account also comes with a free homepage.

Inbox email is searchable with multiple search engines to help you locate older messages. In addition, a the Toolbar is available to provide both notifications and previews when you receive incoming messages.

Organization is achieved through custom folder system and the ability to create rules to sort email as it arrives. Spam and virus protection are provided and keeping the junk at bay also helps you stay organized.

If you want to work offline, you can download your email to your own computer and use a mail client to create them, logging on only when you’re ready to send them. A special feature allows you to group your messages into “conversations.” This is’s name for a group of connected messages - an initiating message and a series of replies that you’re able to view as a continuous display, just like a conversation.

Other features worth noting are the Contact picker that helps you easily select the recipients for the email that you are composing and’s compatibility with most major browsers. You can also use to access multiple POP3 accounts, including external ones (i.e., accounts not held through

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