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JAR - Java Archive
A Java Archive (JAR) is a format used for storing a large number of files that are compressed into a single file, similar to a zip file. JAR is usually used by software developers to install and run Java programs.

Java refers to several different computer software products that were developed by Sun Microsystems. Java is used in a number of computing platforms from mobile phones to supercomputers. Java applets (an application that performs one specific task) are often used to provide security while using the world wide web.

Java Applet
A program written in the JavaTM programming language that can be included in an HTML page, much in the same way an image is included. When you use a Java technology-enabled browser to view a page that contains an applet, the applet's code is transferred to your system and executed by the browser's Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Java class files
A Java class file is a source file that is put into a file that can be read by a machine (Java virtual machine) and is called a class file. A class file uses the .class extension.

Java Servlet
A Java Servlet is an object created in the Java programming language that allows software developers to add dynamic content to a web server. A Java Servlet can be designed to respond to a request from a client. The servlet will receive the request, find the requested information, and then send it back to the client.

Java Virtual Machine (JVM, Java Runtime Environment)
A Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is a computer software and data structure, or model, that other computer programs or scripts follow when they run. JVM uses an intermediate language known as Java bytecode that aids in the analysis of other computer programs.

JavaScript is a scripting language, a programming language that lets the user control the dynamics of software applications. JavaScript is typically used to control elements of a website. JavaScript was designed with "non-programmers" in mind. It is relatively easy to use and allows the user to create fun effects like rollovers, pop-up windows, and rotating banners.

JDBC - Java Database Connectivity
Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is the standard Java interface that allows a client access to database management tools. JDBC provides a way for users to do queries and update data within the database.

jpg (.jpg)
Filename extensions of images in JPEG format.

Microsoft's implementation of ECMAScript standard based on JavaScript. Limited, object-based, interpreted scripting language. Here is the official JScript site. JScript is comparable to VBScript.

JSP - Java Server Pages
Java Server Pages (JSP) is programming technology that allows software developers to create dynamic interactive web pages using HTML, XML and other document types. JSP is translated into Java servlet before it runs, thus creating an easier way to code a servlet.

100 Best Web Hosting Terms
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DES - Data Encryption Standard
Data Encryption Standard. A commonly-used standard method for encrypting and decrypting data. Encryption is necessary, as valuable and sensitive information is often sent from one computer to another via a network that technically can be accessed by anybody. It provides a degree of security should the information fall into the wrong hands. DES was developed by the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology.

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