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In this DirectNic Review you will learn about directNIC history, domain name registration, web hosting and other services. Keep reading to see how directNIC compares in pricing, web hosting services, and what they have to offer in domain name registration.

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directNIC Domain Registration and Hosting

When you have a business, chance are that you will want to be online. Indeed, the Internet can open up your business to a number of new customers and provide you with a worldwide audience for your goods and services. However, you can't just pick anything you want for a Web address and set up shop. Rather, you have to register a unique domain name and use that as your home in cyberspace. Many businesses choose to use their company name as the domain name, in order to avoid confusion. Some businesses wait to see what is available online before naming their companies. In either case, you can get help with a domain registrar like directNIC.


directNIC was launched in 2000 as a domain registrar. The company is known as a successful and quality company. While not the oldest in the business, directNIC is nevertheless old enough to be considered a veteran. The company offers domain registration access to a number names with various designations:

  •         .com
  •         .net
  •         .org
  •         .info
  •         .biz
  •         .tv
  •         .us
  •         .name
  •         .cc
  •         .cn
  •         .ws
  •         .me
  •         .eu

Each of these designations represents a different domain name that you could possible register. The only designations with restrictions are .us and .eu, which require residence in either the United States or the European Union, respectively. directNIC offers a search feature that allows you to try our your domain name in order to see whether it is available. You can also try variations of it or try a different ending in order to see if that might be available instead. Domain registration most be renewed periodically, and directNIC does it yearly. Prices for year-long registrations run from $15 to $49.95, depending on the ending you choose. It is important to remember to renew your domain, or you could lose it. You can also register multiple domains at directNIC, and manage them easily with your account.

Web hosting and other services

Not only can directNIC help you register a domain name for your ecommerce business, but the company can also host it for you. This means that you get a place on an Internet server for your Web site. directNIC offers basic domain hosting free of charge when you register your company's domain. However, you only get 20 MB of space, and your unlimited bandwidth is supported by ads. If you don't want ads, you will have to pay $15. Most businesses would prefer to pay for better hosting packages, which start at $3.95 on directNIC.

directNIC also offers email services, Web mail access, a Web site creator that can help you build your own site, an affiliate program that can provide a little extra cash flow and dicounts for quantity. directNIC also offers merchant accounts that can allow you to accept credit cards on your Web site. This can be very useful in terms of making sure that your customers have a convenient and global way to pay for your goods and services.

It is important to get a domain name that can be easily associated with your business. directNIC is one company that can help you in this area.

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