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In this Doster review you will learn about Dotster domain registration and web hosting.  Keep reading for more information on registering your domain name with Dotster, and a review on Dotsters other domain and web hosting products and services.

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Dotster Domain Registration and Web Hosting

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The Internet is the place to be when you have business. Even individuals have Web sites. If you want to be found by a wider variety of people, it is vital that you set up a home online. In order to do this, however, you have to make sure that your desired address is available. You do this through domain registration. Certain companies have been approved to officially register domain names. This is your Web address. You rent it, paying a regular renewal fee. If you don't renew, someone else can take your domain name.

One of the companies that can help you with domain name registration is Dotster. Dotster is one of the recognized leaders in domain registration. The company also provides Web hosting services and online marketing services. When trying to decide which company to use for your domain registration, compare them with Dotster before making your decision.

Domain registration with Dotster

When you register a domain name, you have to decide what ending you want. The most popular endings are .com, .biz, .info and .org. Endings like .mobi and .tv are also becoming more popular. Your domain name registration price will vary, depending on the ending you choose, and the length of time you register it. Remember, though: If you want to keep your domain name after the term has expired, you will have to renew. Otherwise, someone can take your domain name and use it. Prices for some of the less popular domain names start out at $8.99 per year and run up to more than $50 per year for the more desired domain endings.

It is also possible to add different tools to your domain name. These can include email forwarding and DNS management. You can also get privacy for your domain name from the WHOIS registry. This costs $6.99 per year. This service helps you avoid sales people, spam and even identity theft. While nothing is full-proof, domain privacy can significantly reduce the hassles you deal with. It is also possible to transfer your domain name by selling it to someone else.

Web hosting and other services offered by Dotster

If you are looking for one-stop shopping when it comes to your business Web site, Dotster is one of the many domain registrars that offers hosting. You can get Web hosting starting at $5.75 per month for a basic package. This package includes a Web site builder and email. However, there is a limit to the number of domains you can use. You can get an unlimited plan with a number of extra features and benefits for $15.99 per month. All of Dotster's Web hosting plans come with one-click install, free phone support and no setup fees. This can be a valuable way to get your Web site up and running after you have decided on a domain name.

Other services offered by Dotster include Web design, online security and online marketing. Dotster also includes a number of helpful articles on several Internet related subjects. You can get insightful tips into setting up and marketing your Web site while on Dotster.

The company you ultimate go with for your domain registration and other online services must meet your individual needs. While Dotster is likely to do this just fine, it is a good idea to compare this company with others. That way, you know that you are getting the right deal for your individual business Web site needs.

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