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GoDaddy and 1&1 Hosting have been providing web hosting for years. This article has a GoDaddy review, a 1&1 Hosting review, and a comparison of GoDaddy vs. 1&1 Hosting. Keep reading for more information on 1&1 Hosting versus GoDaddy web hosting.

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When it comes to the Internet, you need to have a place that you can call home. Your company's Web site needs to be accessible, and the best way to do that is to rent space on a server through a Web host. A Web host is a company that allows you to save space on a server, which is basically a computer. The Internet is made up of servers that store information in a form that can be easily retrieved and then displayed by computer screens all over the world. In order to get your Web site on the Internet easily, it pays to rent space from a Web host.

There are many Web hosts out there, and some of them even offer free hosting. However, these free services often come at a price: diminished service or your have to let the company run ads on your business Web site (which looks unprofessional). In the end, it is often worth it to find Web hosting that costs a little bit. There are plenty of low-cost Web hosting options out there. Two Web hosts will be discussed here: GoDaddy and 1&1 Internet Inc. You can find out more about other popular low-cost Web hosts at


GoDaddy is famous for its low-cost domain registration options. Some domains can be bought for as little as 89 cents through GoDaddy. However, the company also offers Web hosting services. GoDaddy has a state of the art physical facility, of which the company is quite proud. GoDaddy, though relatively new to the hosting game, is known for reliability and features. However, GoDaddy is also at the pricey end of Web hosting.

GoDaddy offers hosting packages that start for as little as $4.24 per month (when you sign up for 3 years of service). This hosting package includes 10 GB of storage space, 100 email accounts, 300 GB of bandwidth and 10 MySQL databases. If you want unlimited space, bandwidth and databases, along with 1,000 email accounts, GoDaddy Web hosting packages start at $12.74 per month. GoDaddy offers both Linux hosting plans and Windows hosting plans. There are also a number of hosting applications to choose from.

The most basic GoDaddy hosting package comes with unlimited external domains and 25 subdomains. You also get good security, including FTP over SSL. You can get your own SSL certificate for $29.99 per year. If you go with the unlimited plan at GoDaddy, however, you can get your SSL certificate for free. GoDaddy offers a wide range of language support and tools, as well as applications and management tools. There are a number of free and paid for upgrades and add-ons as well. GoDaddy offers Google AdWords credits, Microsoft adCenter credits and even Facebook advertising credits.

1&1 Internet Inc.

1&1 calls itself the world's #1 Web host. And there is probably a reason for that 1&1 offers high quality Web hosting – but it does come at a higher price. There is no unlimited package with 1&1, but most companies don't need it anyway. Hosting packages with 1&1 top out at 300 GB of storage, 3,000 GB of bandwidth and 5 domains (although you can get 600 subdomains). This most expensive package costs $19.99 per month. However, it is possible to get a basic package with one domain (25 subdomains), 10 GB of space and 300 GB bandwidth for $3.99 per month. However, you can get a better deal with the home or business package ($4.99 and $9.99 per month, respectively). 1&1 frequently runs deals in which you can get three months of free service when you sign up.

1&1 offers different email accounts with different packages, running from 600 accounts to 4,000 accounts. Additionally, 1&1 offers a variety of site building tools, that include a gallery and applications that can build your site. Get something beyond the most basic package, and you can get spreadshirt merchandising that can help you brand your products. A number of scripts are supported, and you can get access to a dynamic catalog – which can be quite helpful on an ecommerce Web site. 1&1 Internet also offers a free SSL certificate when you sign up for the most expensive package. The vouchers offered by 1&1 are also quite generous. You can get $50 from Microsoft adCenter, $25 from Google AdWords, $25 from Yahoo Search Marketing and $25 from Citysearch. And that's just for the basic packages. Higher-priced packages come with more free advertising – the most expensive comes with $200 in Microsoft, $100 for Google and Citysearch and $75 for Yahoo.

No matter which of these companies you choose, you are likely to get good service. If you plan to develop a high complex and scalable ecommerce Web site, however, 1&1 might offer the best overall value for your money.

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