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02/17/2004 - rating: 10 - by: Cweber
Don't know what RasnCain is talking about. FatCow's customer support is generally rated one of the best in the industry ... toll-free, without much hold-time ... they really try to solve customer problems. I've loved the service, and they are really quick to make sure I'm happy. FatCow is one of the best provides out there today.
02/17/2004 - rating: 2 - by: RasnCain
Personally our experience has been horrible support, and numerous billing errors. We recently switched to www.thehostingzone.com and have had a wonderful experience with them so far. Staff and support has been outstanding.
03/05/2004 - rating: 5 - by: prelude
I never had a problem until recently when I decided to add a MiniMoo account. It has been nothing but trouble. Days to get the account setup. Its days before I get replies. I requested to setup a new domain name and that request never went through, which has delayed my progress in getting my new account setup. I have had complaints of slowness on my site from users who are downloading the site through a cable modem. I have also found several times where my site is not up. With so many other hosts out there, I think I will take the chance to find something better.
05/01/2004 - rating: 10 - by: klondy
I have had about 10 accounts with FatCow for over four years. Their plan is excellent and their customer service is the best that I have experienced in any field. The service is prompt and they actually solve problems in a fast, simple, non-technical way. I really do not understand anyone finding a problem with any aspect of their programs or their serivces.
06/15/2004 - rating: 10 - by: Alan Brown
We have over 10 sites hosted on their servers. Excellent service, quick responses for tech support, and very friendly service too. Pricing is great and our site is never down. Referal program gives free month of hosting, which is good if you have many domains. FREE secure server too.
08/19/2010 - rating: 4 - by: R. Tooley
Great branding, not so great product. Over the last month my site has been down at least three times a week. This would not be so infuriating if there were any transparency in their customer service - using the liveperson chat, the representatives appear to just be pressing random 'placate customer' buttons and either ignoring the problem, creating a support ticket with no guarantee it will be answered, or simply denying that there is an issue.

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