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02/17/2004 - rating: 9 - by: F. Dudek
When I first found Lunar Pages I thought they were too good to be true. With such a low price and great number of accessories, I was a bit skeptical. They were very open to answering all my questions, so I decided that I had nothing to lose by trying them out. Once I moved my website to Lunar Pages, I realized that they are really a webmaster's dream, one that I was lucky enough to stumble upon.
02/17/2004 - rating: 9 - by: B. Mousilli
It has been 3 months now. I still don't believe the deal I got with Lunarpages. Smiling faces and outrageously great customer support.
02/17/2004 - rating: 10 - by: S. Wells
One word...Awesome! I was very skeptical of LunarPages offer at first. Having just come from a host who went out of business after 7 years without notifying anyone, I didn't trust any host. I set up 3 domains at LunarPages. After the first week, still feeling effects of the recent closure of my previous host, I misinterpreted some information I received and blamed Lunar...shame on me. I canceled my account on one of the domains. They politely refunded my full purchase price - no questions asked. Just as they promised. I was amazed. After quite a few months of awesome service & undivided attention from their support team on my other 2 accounts, I am finally convinced LunarPages is the best around. Everything they claim to offer on their site is true. I still don't see how they can do it, but I am so glad they do. I am moving the canceled account back to their service today.
01/20/2009 - rating: 10 - by: Kiri
I`ve been extremely happy since I moved my pages to Lunarpages. I`ve never experienced any major downtime. Everytime I`ve had to contact support my questions are answered in less than an hour! My last host took 2 days to answer the most simple of questions. On top of that they keep upgrading and adding to their plans, while keeping the prices the same. I couldn`t be happier at Lunarpages!
02/17/2004 - rating: 9 - by: MarsEscortsDotCom
Awesome! I've built 3 separate websites on LunarPages now. I used to be with Yahoo Geocities but LunarPages is much better and much cheaper. The network download performance is fantastic. The reliability is pretty good. The technical support is excellent. I've asked quite a few technical questions both by email and on LunarForums bulletin board and I almost always get very quick and accurate responses. I'm really impressed with LunarPages. I can't figure out how they can be profitable at such a cheap price when they offer such great technical support. The only reason I gave them 9 instead of 10 is that they do go down sometimes. I would estimate roughly about an hour or two of downtime per month. They always fix things very rapidly whenever there is a problem.
02/17/2004 - rating: 10 - by: Richard
10/10 - What amazing service - ok I sent them a host of banal e-mails asking this and that about little annoying questions i had - I had responses within an hour or two, telephone numbers to call if needed, friendly e-mails, you can rate the response they give you these guys are great and they are not expensive - dont look any further - if they come cheaper you will never get this level of support. It's about time a company started to take the industry seriously and treat people as people and not e-mail addresses - CONGRATULATIONS all round
02/17/2004 - rating: 6 - by: bug
if you pay 12 months upfront then the monthly fee is $7.95 and the $30 dollar set up fee is waived, but if you choose to pay for six months upfront the monthly fee is $8.95 and you have to pay a $30 set up fee, if you pay monthly it's $9.95 and a $30 set up fee. the new domain name fee is $14.95.
04/13/2004 - rating: 5 - by: Paul
There support stinks. Try calling them on a Monday. You will get a busy signal or be put on hold forever. Also they only give you one database and no addon domains ect. I had lunar for a few months did not like them I needed 6 databases. Also wantted a addon domain name so were looking like double the price of the hosting plan to do that? Thats a rip off! Just use bluehost.com they give you what you need. Thats who I switched to. Their support is much better and you cant beat the features for the same price as lunar.
06/15/2004 - rating: 10 - by: Robert Reed
In the wild world of web hositng we have found LunarPages to be just about as close to perfect as anything else we have encountered. Support is phenomenal, they have a very active forum that allows anyone from newbies to the most experienced techs to learn and borrow ideas. Uptime is as good as advertised. A great deal for a superior product.
01/20/2005 - rating: 3 - by: adam
I have been with lunarpages now for about 7 months. During this time my web site has been down approximately two dozen (24) times. I have asked them repeatedly to fix the problems and they continued to give me the same old story, that is, "we were having technical difficulties with the server your site is on." I asked them repeatedly to move my site to another server but they continue to refuse to do that. I am currently looking to find a new more reliable web hosting company. I only ask that my website is up continuously and I am disappointed with the reliability of Lunarpages.
10/04/2005 - rating: 1 - by: Bruno
Hi, I was having a big site on LunarPages.We started to have errors on some scripts. Although we ask their help because we were thinking that this was not our fault (it never happened before of that), they didn`t help us, they blamed us. More bad than that was when the support came to us saying that we had 7 days to work out the solution, and they gave us 7 hours. We were shocked with this treatment and will never come back there again.
10/04/2005 - rating: 3 - by: John Jacks
Caveat Emptor! The biggest business mistake I have made to-date is using lunar pages for shared java hosting which is an add-on for the shuttle plan. In the year that I was hosted my site was taken down twice because they upgraded the server software (no notice) which conflicted with the code I had written. To add insult to injury they accused me of creating the problems until I proved to them that my site worked fine previously and that the files had not changed for several months. This is when they had to admit that they had in fact updated software on the box I was hosted on. I finally switched hosts and I tried to cancel my account with these guys when I learned another horrible truth about their policies… they simply don’t care! It has been over two weeks and four attempts to contact and no reply whatsoever (they don’t pick up the phone or you wait on hold endlessly). As a web developer I deal with many different hosts and have never had such a sour experience like this.
01/20/2009 - rating: 10 - by: Judy Leach
I have had two sites hosted by Lunarpage.com for a couple of years. I couldn`t be happier. Prior to Lunarpages I was paying 3 times as much for much less in space and band width. I haven`t seen any down time on the servers, and tech support is extremely prompt in answering questions 24/7.
01/20/2009 - rating: 10 - by: Philip Miller
LunarPages is the best. We have used at least a dozen ISPs over the last 10 years. Rarely, do we stay with one for more than 1 year. All tend to over-promise and under-deliver. Not so with LunarPages. We have seen the addition of more and more servers to keep up with demand. They are always responsive, cost-effective, and we virtually never suffer any down time. Time is money and even 99.99% may not be good enough. Email is the most configurable. The use of Spamassassin is unparalleled. The control panel is thorough and easy to use. You will not be disappointed. We give them our highest and unqualifed recommendation.
01/20/2009 - rating: 10 - by: Michael Chan
Unparalleled Customer Support I do freelance web design and typically pick a host based on the clients budget and individual needs. However, Lunarpages has consistently stood above the crowd. Their phone and internet are truly unparalleled. Most recently I had requested helpful information on how to upgrade my server from PHP 4 to PHP 5. They responded quickly and handled everything for me with no down time and no hesitation. What surprised me was there willingness to help me further. They are very well-mannered and helpful… no support calls to India with these guys. For $6.95/mo. Lunarpages is the best value for your dollar. You will inevitably call or email support and when you do, these guys are more than willing to help. .michael chan
01/20/2009 - rating: 10 - by: Jason Ensor
Hey, I find that most people, myself included, are quick to contact support when there is a problem, but rarely find time to send a note of thanks when things are going well. Usually I would say that this is due to most companies performing adequately and not really impressing much. In the case of Lunarpages service, I think it would be an injustice not to note what a tremendous job they do in taking care of customers. I started building web pages as a hobby nearly 10 years ago and found Tripod as a free service that worked fine for me as a novice web designer. A couple years later, I was designing sites for my mothers dog kennel and soon after for a few of her then jealous friends (we like to call them all, the "dog women"). Eventually she needed more space and wanted her own domain name, so we upgraded to their "pro" service that cost us about $24 a year more for less than 10% of the disk space we get with lunarpages, few advanced features comparatively, faulty user interfaces, poor billing procedures that had our site down often, and minimally adequate yet slow customer service. I have been on Lunarpages for just over a month and I can`t begin to express my joy with the difference in the service. The value of the "basic" plan has been unreal in comparison: 1GB disk space, unlimited subdomains and a free add on domain, MySQL and PHP, even the Viper Guestbook is cool! So much that I haven`t gotten in to yet, but look forward to. So many new things I`ve learned already just having so many features available here. Adding in the free Coffee Cup software is HUGE. What a tremendous resource of software for us "novice" web builders. Was beating my head against my monitor for 2 weeks trying to get an rss feed running right prior to 5 mins work on the Coffee Cup RSS News Flash creator. The time I`ve saved with the Coffee Cup Pix converter is astonishing... I could go on for ever on my new found love of Coffee Cup! The customer service is the icing on the cake that makes this company one that I will gladly pass on to others, maybe even forcibly if I have to! The responses are quick, even when I tagged one as "low priority" I had a response the next morning. Even when there was nothing they could really do to help me while I was impatiently anxious to get the transfer of domain off of Tripod, they responded kindly and supportively. I cannot begin to convey how thrilled I am to be there and my only regret is that I didn`t find them sooner! Thank you all for the great service, Jason Ensor osagecollies.com
01/20/2009 - rating: 10 - by: JD Ferdinand
Good morning/afternoon, I am a Lunarpages.com customer & have received assistance from several of your employees throughout my time as a client. However, I have recently needed service and some technical advice from your company. I must say, Erin Parker (of your customer service dept.) has offered more than supportive assistance, he has proven to offer the only voice that picks up the line EACH time I`ve called for support within my last 6-7 calls (CALLS PLACED ON DIFFERENT OCCASIONS - WITHIN VARIOUS DAYS & WEEKS)! I GENUINELY THINK SOMEONE SHOULD TAKE NOTICE OF THIS SORT OF DEDICATION. Further, as I recently contacted your office to acquire info on where I could send an exhorting note such as this, guess who happened to answer my call . . . Erin! The catch is - I don`t even know his extension; let it be said that I have NEVER felt compelled or driven to write these types of letters of commendation ever. Yet, in this case, it would be an injustice if I hadn`t. Lastly, I`d like to express . . . I just wish customer support members of various companies which claim "business success" were as patient, resourceful & accommodating as your representatives, particularly Erin Parker. Thanks for listening. IT IS CLEAR - LUNARPAGES.COM HAS MADE THE DIFFERENCE! Please give this man a raise or something! Best Regards, J.D. Pérez-Ferdinand Division of Financial Operations Supervisor of Finance and E-Payables
01/20/2009 - rating: 10 - by: Phil Cook
I have recently started hosting sites with lunarpages after becoming disillusioned with the hosting companies I have been using in the Uk for the last few years. Like all service providers, a company`s commitment to customers is only truly tested when one encounters problems, or at least needs answers to questions. I have been let down to various degrees by different hosts in the past, sometimes waiting weeks for a response to a request for support, sometimes never receiving a response, and sometimes receiving a response that didn`t address the problem! Having decided that I needed to find a new hosting company, I spent a whole day on the internet researching hosting companies, and was disappointed to find that so many webmasters were also having problems with numerous other hosts. I was beginning to think "Better the devil you know ..." and was almost resigned to sticking with what I already had. Then I found reviews of lunarpages.com ... Sure, I found a few complaints, but in almost every case the problem was addressed, often in public via the lunarpages forums. It occurred to me that a company willing to open themselves up for potential public criticism was a sign of confidence in their ability to answer their customers` questions. I transferred one of my sites to lunarpages to try them out - to my surprise and delight it was a painless process and was handled very quickly. I then decided to host a new site with them, a site I intend to use for testing things out for clients before publishing properly - I purchased a domain name and hosting package on Saturday afternoon, and it was available by teatime! I was astonished!!! The third site I host (so far) has a .uk.com domain. I was unsure how to go about handling this as it has a non-standard "extension", so I asked support what to do. A couple of quick emails later it was all done. My questions, both pre- and post-sales, have been answered very quickly and efficiently, a level of support which I have never experienced before. On top of this, the cost of hosting is relatively cheap (especially with the current exchange rates!), and even the basic hosting package comes with FrontPage Extensions - I typically have to pay £25 per year, approximatley 50 dollars, for this in the UK. Then of course there`s the free software - fantastic! In summary - in addition to the great value of packages, my confidence that lunarpages will repond to my questions (no matter how dumb!) quickly means I will definitely be hosting more sites with them. Phil Cook
01/20/2009 - rating: 10 - by: Alexey Kopchinskiy
Lunarpages never failed me. I’m 100% satisfied customer. When I ask for help I know that I’ll talk with real people who will do their best in order to understand and resolve my problem.
01/20/2009 - rating: 10 - by: Francis Y. Lee
The technical support team in Lunarpages are SUPER. I have dedicated server hosting with them and their technical support team are always willing to help. Never push our problem to each others among themselve like ipower does. Their forum is also great, question post, always a reply with a short period of them. Never let their customers hanging. Never have down time, price is reasonable. Management people are also friendly, really can`t ask for more. I am glad that we found Lunarpages.
01/20/2009 - rating: 10 - by: wei
I myself am quite happy with lunarpages. They make the extra effort to be helpful. Very good price, great service. Highly recommended.
01/20/2009 - rating: 10 - by: Andy
Lunar Pages has been a great webhost for me. I`ve had no site downtime other than my taking the site down to re-build or revamp, but that`s of my doing. Most of my problems are answered very quickly. I remember before I got LunarPages, I was asking a support question and I got a response from sales in less than 6 minutes. It made me feel great knowing I could have fast service from a reliable host. I`ve never had one problem with LunarPages, just me and my lack of html. lolz... I recently thought about canceling to a cheaper host, but then seen the services they offer were not as great as LunarPages was. So I decided to stick with LunarPages for it`s superior services, webspace, and bandwidth. All in all, I have to give LunarPages a perfect 100% on my grading scale for their surpassed reliability, stability, performance, and excellent customer support.
10/21/2009 - rating: 3 - by: Ron
My experience with lunarpages really like nightmare. They have good uptime but when I use more resource of their shared server, they will cut my website without notice. Then I should upgrade. I don't mind to upgrade if they can quickly upgrade my site within a day. But I have to wait about 3 weeks to get the response from them. This is really piss me off.
08/24/2010 - rating: 2 - by: John S.
I was with Lunarpages for over 5 years, and have recommended them to many. Not any more! Service has gone from excellent to virtually non-existent, including it taking 21 days to reply to a simple issue and get it "fixed". As a result, I tried to find out who the owner or manager is, as any company must be run by someone. Very big shock! The owner is a Ron Riddle, whose other biggest claim to fame is that he is a member of the Hells Angels, Riverside Chapter. So, ask yourself, why would you trust a web host run by a Hells Angel? Think of the security risks with credit card information, personal information etc. Don't believe it? Check out http://www.myspace.com/filthyron and then check out (need to scroll to the bottom of the page) http://blog.lunarpages.com/more-christmas-photos/ Scary, very, very scary. I am running away from this host as fast as I can.
03/07/2011 - rating: 7 - by: FREEWARE
great host

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