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10/21/2009 - rating: 1 - by: Kyle
After 3 weeks hosting my web site at Green Geeks, the hosting server had a crash. My site was down for nearly 60 hours. During this time, no support was available over the phone and only a few emails went out to customers about the problem. Each email was overly optimistic and promised to have all sites back up very shortly. This obviously did not happen. When I finally got someone on the phone he was juggling the conversation on speaker phone while pounding away on his keyboard responding to other customers' emails, etc. After the server was back up Green Geeks offered 3 free months to all customers, but customers had to send an email request to receive this offer rather than having it automatically applied. Less than one week after this outage, a server reboot caused my website to be down again. The reboot was at 2AM and my site was still down at 10AM. During and after this outage phone calls were not answered, voicemails and emails were not returned, and no explanation was given. When customer service can be reached, they are unattentive and use technical jargon that most customers, including myself, do not understand. Cost savings and green hosting doesn't matter. Down time cost my business more money than any savings could provide and there are other green hosting options. 99.9% guaranteed up-time is false. Less than 90% up-time in first 30 days of service. Customer service representatives are inaccessible. Customer service representatives are unattentive. Total scam.
08/24/2010 - rating: 2 - by: Nya
I hardly post reviews but this is one I promised myself I would make. It's been almost a year since I closed my account on GG and with no regrets. Their system is basic, nothing special to offer compared to most other hosts out there. Coming from a customer service background I find I'm very patient with people on the receiving end, but with GG I was left with no option but to cut short our relationship. One evening out of nowhere I got a message saying something to the effect of "This website has been suspended, please contact billing department".. not only was this embarrassing but it was also inaccurate. It gave the impression that my website had not been fully paid up for, even though I believe I had paid for the year. After contacting their support I was told.. "The site was using excessive resources, causing high I/O on the servers. It no longer belongs on the shared hosting environment" ... ok... whatever..There had been no warnings nothing.. i asked about this "unlimited" thing that they advertise.. anyway.. so i'm given two options..either upgrade to Dedicated server or move to another host...they encouraging me to leave their service? "I/O is not disk space, its the function of writing/reading from the disk and no sane administrator would give you "unlimited" resources to that, because there is no such thing. It cannot even be controlled. Your options here are to upgrade to a dedicated server or to another provider." Bear in mind that I wouldn't consider my site that busy... and the reason I moved it to them was because I had migrated to the joomla platform. Just needing some help to get this website up and running again.. I ask about their dedicated plans... "Dedicated servers cost $160 per month. There is no guarantee that this won't happen again, you could potentially kill an entire server. This is not being done to "punish" you. In fact, it's being done to prevent service interruption for other customers, including your other sites. If you feel that you need this web site up, then you either need to make a decision to get this up elsewhere, because after further investigation, we have found that your site has been the root cause of high I/O usage for weeks now. I can provide you with a backup and you can find another hosting provider to host this one particular domain name. We had originally thought it was a memory problem, but since suspending your site, the issue on the server is gone." Oh.. so they're effectively kicking me out now? Mind you, I have now been hosting this site elsewhere with NO problems at all..albeit on a Virtual Managed Server, which if GG could provide might not have resulted in me moving hosts. So I ask if they could set me up on a dedicated server (I just want the website back up)... and they kick me out again! By this time, I'm getting the message.. "This has been a consistent issue, and enough was enough basically. We cannot provision a new server until the morning. I can provide you with a backup of that account within a few moments, let me know." See, this was my first joomla site and experience of hosting on this platform and was really just looking for some help. I've had other hosts who were quite knowledgeable go beyond their service to help. I've even had some hosts look at dodgy code and provide advice. Not this one...they were actively encouraging me to go elsewhere. After another couple of emails... they provided a backup file and I was left to fend for myself. Thankfully, the guys at Rochen provided the help that I was looking for and I have not had any problems since. This happened in November 2009... so I have not written this because I'm angry. It's because I genuinely feel let down by this host and regret my decision to host with them in the first place.. it was really down to inexperience at the time. So I moved the other sites I had on the domain and cancelled my account.. I asked for a refund and got given some reason why I could not have it back. To be honest I didn't even pursue that.. I had gotten enough. If you have a busy or resource heavy site, this is probably not the host for you - or use their dedicated option for $160 per month. Personally, I wouldn't bother.
12/13/2010 - rating: 1 - by: jeremy
I switched to GG for Environmental reasons. Never have I been so let down. -Initially, They assume you are a level 3 programmer. -My Site was constantly down on their number 4 server. They blamed by site. -I had constant time outs, they blamed by site. -My site was overloaded they blamed my site. -My site was slow, they blamed by site. I did some research and found that their shi**y No.4 server was the problem. They changed me to no.10 and it was 10 times faster... Though now I could not receive any email. I sent them my mail passwords to fix my mail and then no answer... I waited and NOTHING. I contacted Sales, Support even TREY the CEO and NOTHING. I concluded that they must have read my email with an offer from BLUE HOST. this company is pure Green Trash. AVOID at all cost... None, Expensive, Shi**y Support, Bad Service and a lot of Down Time...
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